This project aims at connecting the two sections of Cavendish Boulevard by completing local north-south and east-west roads in order to improve access and foster economic activity. The project was first considered in the 1960s, but never materialised. In 2013, to revive this project now identified as a priority, the City of Montreal approved a budget to update previous studies. In view of the quantity of development projects already planned in the area and the number of stakeholders involved (one government ministry, three linked municipalities, two boroughs, central services of the City of Montreal, one public transit agency and two railway companies), the City of Montreal wanted to anticipate potential problems from the very start of the project.

The City of Montreal mandated COSIME to carry out a preliminary analysis of the project’s strategic risks in order to formalise its strategic goals and identify risks that could threaten project success and to make recommendations for an action plan to control those risks. COSIME achieved its mandate by organising individual meetings, group workshops and presentations of results.

With the committed participation of all stakeholders, the mandate brought a strong mobilization of all the actors, and the project has been focused on common goals. Possible solutions were identified in respect of project governance, current needs, the optimal concept, project planning and the communication strategy.